Behaviour & Rewards Policy

Behaviour Policy
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Rewards at The Snaith School
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The School Planner
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Behaviour for Learning

The Behaviour for Learning Policy is based on 4 simple ideas:

  • Students want to be rewarded for their effort
  • Students need clear guidelines in terms of what constitutes acceptable behaviour
  • Consistency is important so that everyone knows exactly what to expect in terms of rewards and sanctions
  • Effective communication is needed between school and parents

Student Planner

Central to the success of the behaviour for learning policy is the student planner. The student planner is key to ensure effective and swift communication between home and school and will provide immediate feedback on a student’s attitude to learning in terms of both reward and sanction.

You can view and download a copy of the new policy here ‘Behaviour Policy’ 

Mobile Device Guidance

The term ‘mobile device’ is used to cover all mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, music players and ear or headphones, including wireless accessories.

As part of the launch of the Be Well Programme, we have reviewed our guidance for the use of mobile devices in school and you can read it by clicking HERE