Uniform Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy uniform from?

We are affiliated to The Uniform Shop in Goole for the school blazer, skirt, tie and compulsory PE Kit items. Items can be purchased from:

The School Uniform Shop

26 – 28 Pasture Road


DN14 6EZ

Online at www.theschooluniformshop.co.uk

E-mail to: enquiries@theschooluniformshop.co.uk

Telephone: 01405 763071

All other items can be purchased from supermarkets or from other high street stores. Any uniform purchased must adhere to our uniform policy.


Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available from The School Uniform Shop.

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s uniform?

Give your child a signed and dated note to show to Student Services; your child may be issued with temporary uniform items or a uniform pass for the day.

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s PE kit?

Give your child a signed and dated note to hand to their PE teacher. They will be issued with clean replacement kit to wear for the lesson.

What will happen if my child is wearing the incorrect uniform?

If your child is not wearing the required uniform, where possible an alternative will be provided by the school. If this is not possible students may be sent home to change or kept out of circulation until uniform issues are rectified.

How can I help my child not to lost any items of their uniform?

You should try to label as many items as possible; this means that if items are lost or misplaced they can be quickly returned.

Can my child wear jewellery?

With the exception of a watch (not smart watches), one pair of silver or gold stud earrings in each ear and a medic alert bracelet, no jewellery is allowed. Facial piercing, including stretchers are not allowed.

What should I do if an item of clothing is lost?

Any items of clothing or property found will be taken to Pastoral Leaders.

Full information on our school uniform and the uniform Policy can be found here.

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