Health & Social Care

Heath and Social Care


Health and Social Care is a standalone subject at GCSE and is a vocational course.
Over the last 10 years the subject has grown in popularity as a KS4 option and is now thriving with two teaching groups in both Years 10 and 11.

All pupils following this course have an interest in the caring professions and many have gone on to the local colleges to study the subject further. They are planning to take up careers such as teaching, childcare, psychology, social work and midwifery.
While delivering the work for assessment we also aim to foster the caring qualities in our pupils that are so important for work in this field.

KS4 Information

Currently we offer a Single Award GCSE course. The courses have been well-subscribed in recent years and results have been good.

Every effort is made to assist pupils in lessons, for homework and in after-school sessions when needed. In return, pupils are expected to work hard.
The single award course is split into two units, one of these is a written exam and one is course work.

The units are;

  • A911 Health, Social care and Early years Provision (coursework): you look at one care service e.g. care home or nursery and produce a written study based on this service, showing how they meet the needs of their clients
  • A912 Understanding Personal Development and Relationships(Exam): This is about human growth and development, different factors that affect development, the self-concept and major life changes 

Next Steps

A level or Level 3 Diploma at:

  • John Leggott college
  • Selby college
  • Pontefract college
  • North Linsey college

Photo Gallery

Staff and pupils enjoyed the recent Race for Life event held at Hull.



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