‘Teaching in science and humanities shows many strengths through high expectations, strong questioning and the frequent opportunities teachers give pupils to explain their reasoning in verbal and written responses’ OFSTED 2017

‘At key stage 4, work in books reveals a picture of consistent progress, with frequent opportunities for pupils to apply their skills and knowledge’ OFSTED 2017

In a dynamic and rapidly changing world, the importance of Geography in the curriculum has never been greater.  Geographical issues constantly fill the news ranging from Global Climate Change and its impacts to local population change and development of villages around Snaith.  Despite wide ranging coverage of such issues, it is critical that the next generation of adults are able to question and interpret the world around them to allow them to make their own informed decisions.

We aim to enable our pupils to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the modern world in which we live; respectful of modern values and with an understanding and tolerance of different communities and culture within society.


Engaging lessons delivered by outstanding practitioners encourage pupils to use a variety of skills to analyse data, interpret evidence, empathise with different groups of people and use ICT to accurately research and communicate new found knowledge effectively to a variety of audiences.  Independent learning is actively encouraged and pupils are taught in a variety of learning styles with an emphasis on them been in charge of their own learning.  This allows us to stretch and challenge our pupils to greater depth of learning as well as to strive for the highest grades possible.

Key Stage 3 Information

Our Key Stage curriculum builds on previous learning experiences in primary schools by imparting specialist subject knowledge in geography.  Not all pupils will continue to study Geography beyond Key Stage 3 and with this in mind the schemes of work are designed to give pupils the broadest possible grounding in the basic skills of the subject, as well as examining current world issues and diversely exciting locations around the globe.

Year 7

  1. The Global Jigsaw
  2. Map Skills
  3. Europe
  4. Antarctica

Year 8

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. China
  4. Australasia

Year 9 

  1. Coasts
  2. South America
  3. Globalisation
  4. Adventure Landscapes
  5. North America
  6. A Global Journey

Geographical Skills

As well as learning about the school around them, pupils at The Snaith School learn valuable skills throughout Key Stage 3 in Geography.  As pupils progress through Key Stage 3 they will learn, practice and link skills such as:

  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Atlases and Globes
  • Image Interpretation
  • Graphical Skills
  • Map Reading and Drawing

 These skills support core learning both within Geography and other subjects and are taught in a manner consistent across the school.

Key Stage Four

Geography is a popular and highly regarded GCSE subject. We follow the AQA Syllabus A at The Snaith School and this involves studying 3 human topics and 3 physical topics; as well as a Controlled Assessment Unit (A little like ‘Coursework’). 

Human Topics

  1. Globalisation
  2. Changing Urban Environments
  3. Tourism

Physical Topics

  1. Restless Earth
  2. Ice on the Land
  3. Coastal Landscapes


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