The English Department is an ambitious, high achieving and innovative department.  Recent GCSE results have been the best in the school’s history and we continually strive to maintain these high standards. Our aim is to promote learning and independence in a dynamic and engaging way that combines fun with high academic achievement. The skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening are of vital importance in many areas. They are not only essential in many careers but also underpin successful study of many subjects at all levels. To reflect this, our English lessons place Pupils at the centre of learning to create independence and enable the development of skills in preparation for adult life.

We teach texts including modern novels, poetry and of course, Shakespeare.


To further develop Pupils’ enjoyment and passion for English, we offer Pupils a wide experience. Touring theatre companies are regularly invited into school for Pupils at both Key Stages. A variety of trips and theatre visits are organised to further enrich Pupils experience of the subject, such as the Shakespeare’s Globe London weekend. We work closely with the school Library, and pupils are encouraged to take part in competitions. Some recent ones have included The Carnegie Book Awards, National Poetry Day, World Book Day and the BBC Radio 2 500 Word Short Story competition.


Scheme of Work

Scheme of Work

KS3 Information

The Key Stage 3 English curriculum is designed to enable Pupils to experience a broad range of challenging and exciting texts, both fiction and non-fiction, in order to develop the skills and knowledge they will require to be successful at KS4 and beyond. Pupils in KS3 are assessed half-termly, building a portfolio of six assessments at the end of each academic year. Our programmes of study allow pupils the best opportunities to express themselves with confidence and creativity.

Year 7 Possible Schemes of Work


Year 8 Possible Schemes of Work


Year 9 Possible Schemes of Work


KS4 Information

At Key Stage 4, pupils are entered for both the English and English Literature GCSE (Eduqas examination board).  The study and assessment pupils undertake help them to become critical readers and to write accurately and fluently. They study a variety of texts, including Shakespeare, 19th century fiction, poetry and contemporary drama. 
Year 11 Pupils are supported with an extensive revision programme in preparation for their final exams.

Next Steps

A Levels

  • John Leggott College
  • New College, Pontefract
  • York College
  • Selby College
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